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Collective Saturday

Finally got the time to visit The Collective.

Last weekend was the perfect time to hit up the Makati “hidden” gem. It’s Manila Design Week, and it kicked off with the Wall Lords Graffiti Design Competition.

Lots of people came to show love… about 2,000+… despite the heavy Saturday night downpour.

The first order of business, however, was Outerspace. Some of the works of my schoolmates were put up in the gallery so I had to check it out.

Had to, before we leave…

We hit up Vinyl on Vinyl afterwards.

Interesting feature inside the shop: old Vinyl records stacked inside old arcade tables.

What’s more interesting is that they have Memphis Bleek‘s “My Mind Right” on Vinyl. Funk Flex would be proud for sure. Certified Tunnel Banger!

Pilipinas Street Plan

Works by renowned artist (and the week’s Guest of Honor) Tara McPherson. She would visit the shop later that night. I wasn’t there to catch her, however.

Hit up Black Book. I want me some Vael footwear.

On to some graf, shall we?

Awesome portrait of an awesome duo.

This won first place. Congrats PSP!

This placed third. But this was my favorite.

Actually, everyone loved it.

Wingman! We’ve been hearing a lot about this place so here’s where we sat down to get some grub. Here’s Picco taking charge of our order.

There’s a monkey on my shirt!

It’s all about the wings, of course. We ordered “hot”, just because we needed to get home in one piece. We’ll get to the more hotter levels later on.

Fish & Chips. We loved it. But we need more fish. A little bitin, but it was really good.

See? 5 minutes, and it’s Finito Henson.

Headed back outside after dinner. Mike Swift and some other rap cats were in the middle of a full-on jam session.

We checked out a few more stores (Hysteric Wacko was a favorite of mine), then headed home. Would have loved to stay on for the night, but it has been a long day for us, so we opted to bounce.

Would love to come back to check out the other stores . Definitely hitting up B-Side as well.


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