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Mark Ronson – Bang Bang Bang

Definitely one of my favorite songs thus far.

The video, for me, has to be one of the greatest “take-me-to-my-childhood” visuals ever.


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In your face, Kanye!

DJ/Grammy award-winning producer/Bandleader/THE talented Ronson sibling, Mark Ronson, is set to release his own limited edition sneaker for high-fashion brand GUCCI.

If you don’t know this dude, he’s just some dude who made 2 of the most underrated albums out, Here Comes The Fuzz and Version. Collaborating with highly-relevant musicians of today, he won multiple Grammy’s, including the ‘Producer of the Year’ award for his work on Amy Winehouse‘s Back to Black.

Aside from being a musical genius, Mark is also known to many as one of the best dressed dudes in the game, appearing in men’s fashion mags such as GQ, etc. So it’s definitely not a surprise to see him collaborating with a brand like GUCCI.

Of course, we all know Kanye West released his sneaker collabo with Louis Vuitton not too long ago. While there’s definitely no beef between the two musical giants, it’s definitely gonna be fun listening to people who will put the two sneakers head-to-head. This is gonna be interesting.

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