Causes for excitement

I am stoked for stuff that’s coming out in the next few weeks/months. I hope these would be an indicator for a great “rest of the year”. Of course, we’re already half-past 2010.

AND the great-upcoming-stuff are:

Machete. B-movie ambassador Danny Trejo‘s first starrer. Robert Rodriguez is at the helm, with a supporting cast of Michelle Rodriguez, Jessica Alba and the ever immortal Steven Segal (yes, this guy). Not to mention the lethal mouthful of blood, guts and tittays!

NBA 2K11. Can’t say nothing about “OMG! PLAYABLE MICHAEL JORDAN!!”

Street Fighter vs Tekken. First gameplay vid was released at Comic-Con 2010. Two of the best fighting games ever, coming together. Makes perfect sense.

The Green Hornet. I never imagined Seth Rogen and Jay Chou playing the legendary sidekicks TGH and Kato (respectively). Trailer looked great, though. Will watch this for I was a fan of the TV series way back.

Oh, and I am also happy that I am able to run again. Although my legs did hurt for about 2 days after my initial try.

Hopefully I’d be able to join events by next month. For now, I’d like to take my time and, bit-by-bit, get back into the lifestyle that helped me a lot in terms of health, as well as in different all aspects of my life so far.

Basketball, you’re next!


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