New NB trail runners!

Signed up for the Merrell Adventure Run last week (5k). The event will be held on April 17 at Wawa, Montalban. Me and my uncle wanted to sign up for this Sunday’s TNF Thrill of the Trail, but unfortunately, the registration closed down at the time we decided to join. But despite that, we’re stoked for the Merrell event. All week, we’ve been planning run sessions, trail sessions, as well as cross-training activities prior to the race. It’s my uncle’s first ever race, as well as my first trail run, so evidently, there’s prevailing excitement leading to it.

Having finished my first 10k this weekend, I can say that I’m ready to hit the trails. The only thing that’s missing is the proper shoes for the rough terrain.

Yesterday, I found this pair of New Balance 460 lying around the racks of SM Makati. Saw this particular pair at Runnr BHS a few weeks prior, but decided to look around some more till I find the right shoe at the right price. And alas, I found the exact pair at HENRYSYLAND, plus 30% discount. All in all, the shoe only cost me a little below Php 1,800.

Again, I settled for the mid-price runner. This would only be my first trail run, and I would like to get myself acclimated to the ins and outs of trail running before deciding on purchasing a more high-tech pair.

Right now though, I’m liking my NB’s. They fit well on my flat foot, very lightweight (for my feet and my budget), and could very well be what I need for my trail run “debut”.

In other NB news: also tried on a pair of NB 904‘s as they were also on sale.

All I can say is WOW! Very light, very comfy, and it also looks good on my flat feet. The shoe screams “BUY ME NOW”, and for a while I thought about getting the pair. But I had to compose myself and get what I really need, which was the trail runners. Oh well, one at a time.


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