Condura Run 2010: better late than never

The Condura Run 2010. Pretty special, if you ask me. My first big race of 2010 (big race = Php 500+ registration fee). Also, this marks my very first 10k run. After running three 5k races this past year and a 3k at Ateneo last month, me and my buddies decided to move up a notch and test the 10k waters, or should I say flyovers?

Me and the boys really prepared hard for this race. We squeezed in practice runs weeks prior, although most were done individually as we were busy with school. Despite that, we knew we’ll finish and enjoy the race, but only if we would compose ourselves and run efficiently.

On the day of the race itself, the problem wasn’t the physical preparedness or over-excitement, and not even the efficiency our our run. The problem was, in fact, that we relaxed too much that we came in about 14-15  minutes late after the 10k gunstart at 5:30 am. At around 5:45 am, we ran past the starting line, also past the 5k crowd that’s starting to pile up one by one. Running the first kilometer was the worst: you were 15 mins. late, running by yourself, and you’re also at the tail end of your group. I tell you, I swear that I would never ever come in late to a race again just because of that awful experience I had.

All that feeling of discouragement started deteriorating when I was approaching the Kalayaan flyover. At that point, I looked back and saw a couple more 10k runners who was as late as we were. Can’t really blame them ’cause all parking areas near the BHS area were filled to the brim. Anyways, as the other 10k runners started running past me one by one, I was able to take my first walk break, as we were ascending atop the flyover. I just told myself that I’d be able to catch those who were sprinting past me later on. And I somehow did after a few minutes (more on that later).

At that point, I was able to relax and just enjoy the experience of running at a darn flyover. Pretty interesting since you can’t do that on a regular morning rush-hour. Once I hit Buendia, I was suprisingly catching up to the 10k crowd. Didn’t matter if the top 21k runners, together with Coach Rio dela Cruz, Rovilson Fernandez, Fernando Zobel and that Elvis impersonator was already heading back to The Fort, I was just enjoying my run, as well as the abundant hydration stations, the marching band, and those cold-water foams that were given away. Hell, I even forgot to time my run!

A few minutes after, I was back at Kalayaan flyover. That’s where I got my second wind. I ran past some familiar people from the first 2kms, as well as those who started ahead of us.  My legs were stiffening, but just as I self-calculated (though not always reliable haha!), I was able to cross the finish line without any injury or any related drama.

Lateness aside, the Condura Run was a great experience. Easily the best I’ve ran in so far. From the race kit redemption to the race itself, not to mention the fast-as-lightning online results, you can’t ask for more. I’m darn certain that I’ll join the Condura Run in 2011. Maybe I’d be fit enough to run the Skyway via the 21k race??

My time for the race = 1:37:43. That includes the 14-15 minute lateness. Honestly, it was surprising. I, for one, predicted that I’d finish just below the 2-hour mark, knowing my flat-footedness and my weight. But guess what, we were late and all, but I was able to finish a sub-1:40 10k. Not bad. Not bad at all.

I’m sure the boys were pretty happy with the race, too. We’re already talking about our next 10k. Dunno where, but we will move over to more 10k races starting now. I’m done talking, on with the pictures:


Miggy and Pao

I gotta smile… it’s my first race medal…

At the Garmin booth. The closest that we’ll ever get to owning a Garmin watch.

One more…

Freebies! The best freebie, of course, was the finisher’s medal.

My adidas Interlect II‘s. 5 months of wear. Easily, the most reliable mid-priced runner out in the market. Pretty comfy and light for beginners like yours truly.

And we’re on to the next one!


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