The Killers’ Manila show got cancelled because…

The Killers recently announced that they are taking an “indefinite hiatus” from touring/recording/performing. Frontman Brandon Flowers stated that the hiatus stemmed from the fact that the groups hasn’t had a lot of rest in the last six or so years.

Flowers also gave everyone a hint of him pursuing a solo career when he said that he wants to take this time off “just to be myself and do what I want to do for a little bit.”

Of course, “indefinite hitaus” — in many other cases in the past — could also mean that the band might have played their last gig as a group. While the band continues to deny this rumor, we all have no clues as to the real meaning or reason behind this “indefinite hiatus” thing.

I really feel bad for those kids who bought tickets to their supposed show here in Manila, especially those who got theirs last year. Partly because I almost bought one myself, and partly because we haven’t had a band like The Killers play here. Sorry kids, I hope you’ll get your refunds. And no, there would be no rescheduling of this concert anytime this year, or even next year.


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