Face off

Brett Favre had the “defining moment” opportunity: Sunday night (Monday am here) full-house at the New Orleans Superdome. Final seconds of regulation. NFC Chanpionship game against the New Orleans Saints. Ball possession: Favre’s Minnesota Vikings.

But his pass was intercepted, and the Saints defeated the Vikings in overtime  to advance the 2010 NFL championship game — better known (of course) as Superbowl XLIV — against the Indianapolis Colts.

It would’ve been a clash of legends come Febuary 7 (Feb 8 here). It could’ve been the three-time MVP’s face-to-face encounter with two hundred four-time MVP Peyton Manning. Surely, a wet-dream for NFL-heads worldwide.

(Brett to Peyton: “next time na lang, pare!”)

On the other hand, it was Drew Brees, Reggie Kardashian Bush and Co. that’s headed for Miami. Yes, the world awaits the battle between Manning and the rejuvenated Brees.

(Eye-to-eye… nose-to-nose…)

The New York Giants sucked this season (ugh!), but unlike them, I’m sure Suberbowl XLVI won’t fail us all, Saints/Colts fan or not. Let’s see!


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