The Recap: DJ Qbert in Manila

Friday night was one of the most amazing times I’ve had, and was definitely a great way to kickstart my personal countdown of the last 5 days of being 21. At the beginning of 2010, I wanted to make sure (not a “resolution”, people) that I expose myself more to events, artists and cultures that I dig and respect. I think last Friday’s encounter with the one and only DJ Qbert was a great step forward to that direction.

At the same time, as always, I, together with my cousin Piccolo, had random fun while we’re at it. On with the pictures…

Me and Picco met up at La Salle Taft. It was his first time in two years to be back in Taft. At the same time, we wanted to try out this new joint in the area called Army Navy. Friends say they serve a mean Burrito, so we checked it out.

Picco had Chicken Burrito…

I had steak…

Over and done with after what, 5 minutes?

After the meal, we went straight to LAX (not the airport in LA. Also, it’s the club in Manila, not the club in Vegas), but not before a mini-brouhaha at the police checkpoint just as we hit Buendia. The po-po’s scolded us for not turning on the lights inside the car. Yeah, we were basically stopped for 1-2 minutes just for that little mistake.

Anyways, it was too early when we got to the club, so me and Picco decided to hang around at next door Hooters.

Upon entering the place, someone shouted “Dave!!!”. I turned around to see who it was, and it’s my old high school friend Christine. Apparently, she’s a Hooter girl (her nick at Hooters is “TJ”). She was nice enough to stay on and she chatted with us the whole time, catching up with stuff from here and there ’cause, really, we haven’t seen each other for the longest time.

Me with Christine aka Malabz aka TJ

After a round of San Mig, me and Picco went inside LAX to see if Qbert has arrived…but he wasn’t around just yet…

… so me and my cousin decided to come back to Hooters & have another round of beer. Here’s Picco covering our every move on twitter.

At aound 12 midnight, we headed back to LAX. Again, Qbert wasn’t on deck yet, but the two opening DJ’s — Caliph8 and another DJ whom I failed to ID — were doing something awesome on stage, and we were entertained enough to not get out of our places. Caliph8 killed it on the MPC, IMO.

Moments after, the man has finally arrived. May I present to you, DJ Qbert:

Shortly after his set, my camera died.

Awesome experience, I tell ‘ya. He’s one of those turntablists whom I really look up to, and was one of the first DJ’s that I recognized when I, 12 years old at that time, told myself that I would pursue a career as a DJ in the future. Though that pursuit is still ongoing, this was definitely a moment in time to savor for a DJ-wannabe like yours truly.

And we’re on to the next one!


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