New-old number one

An anti-pop couple, a social networking site, a legendary raprock group and an emerging popstar made up one of the most exciting, if not controversial, stories in the history of the UK charts.

Avoiding a fifth consecutive top-of-the-christmas-charts landing for an X Factor (UK’s answer to American Idol) winner, Rage Against the Mchine emerged victorious as their single “Killing in the Name” — originally released in 1992 — beat out Josh McElderry‘s “The Climb” to clinch the top spot of the hotly-contested Christmas UK charts.

In an effort to “topple the very sterile pop monopoly”, a Facebook campaign was established by Jon and Tracy Morter to put the band’s signature track in contention the upstart balladeer’s debut single in the race for the number one spot in the UK charts on Christmas. UK Xmas number one singles during the last 4 years all came from X Factor winners.

The campaign was a hit, garnering thousands of members, as well as co-signs from Paul McCartney amongst all others. Not only did the LA-based group got the biggest upset in UK charting history, Rage also achieved the biggest download sales total in a first week ever in the UK.


Read More from BBC’s website


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