2009 picture dump

Sorry for the lack of posting. Had quite a long layoff from updating this spot because of so many (if not too many) commitments to fulfill and other events that I had to go to. But it does not mean that I had little fun doing all this. In fact I had a lotta fun!

At a BBQ with some friends a couple of weeks back… grubbing, obviously…

Drinking spree with my classmates. Everyone got their drunk on, passing out on every corner. Except for me, I pussied out on the beer bong. Still, I went home winded and wasted with all that free-flowing alcohol.

The BPC’s comic book-themed awards night. I went as John Cena (but no one thought of me as him). I know, I suck at costumes. Came home with 3 writing awards, though, and one was for “Best Sports Article” for my piece on running (which I will post here later).

Halloween party with my good ‘ole blockmates. Obviously, didn’t come prepared as much as my friend on the left did…

Of course, 2009 was not all parties. Had the most grueling period in school this year. Also, while I was on a “blog hiatus”, I made a choice to live a more active lifestyle. I got into running and now, I am committed to continue running and joining distance events (5k’s and 10k’s). There were a lot of changes that were made because of it: I slept earlier than usual and woke up at 6am to do some running and spent most of my Friday nights running and Sunday mornings joining events. I also tried to diet. I said I tried, right?

But, as the pics above would suggest, I had my fun.

Would dump more pictures of 2009 at a later post.


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