My Xmas wishlist…

Can’t believe we’re almost half past the Christmas season already. Now, I really don’t expect to get gifts. I’m already 21 and should understand that toys are for the kids, not for me (but hey, I like toys, and it wouldn’t be a problem if I get one this Christmas :p). Truth be told, I’d be contented just to get to see family and friends at this time, as well as my ham x pandesal x hot chocolate combo on Christmas eve. But there are some things… material things that, even if we can never ever afford ’em, they just simply never sees to haunt our every night’s sleep. Here are currently some of mine:

Beats by Dre earphones. I’m so sick and tired of spending Php 350 for what I thought was very good quality earplugs. It turned out to be something that I had to replace every 2-3 months. Will this Dr. Dre-designed plugs @ Php 15,000 be well worth its hefty price?

Jordan XII Retro white/red. These retros are dropping next month. Brings back memories of me looking at rich kids at the mall rockin’ them J’s. Ka-inggit. Even now, I couldn’t afford ’em. Maybe they should retro these again in 2015.

Canon Powershot  G11. Want this blog to look better? Hand me these. This camera will definitely help me with my other rackets too!

Nike Lunar Trainers. With the green bottoms. I’m actually leaning towards Mizunos and Adizeros to become my next pair of running shoes. But I like these. Been in love with them ever since they came out.

APC New Standards. Expensive denim. But I could wear ’em every single day for 5 years.

5 pairs of adidas/Nike/New Balance/Mizuno running shorts. So I would have no excuse to not run everyday.

Numark iDJ 2. Should be on my list up until I get one. Or until the iDJ 3 drops.

Hong Kong trip. Been daydreaming about this all year. Last time I was there, I was 7 years old. All I wanted was to shop at Toys ‘R Us. Now, I wanna see HK beyond that toy store. Having H&M and Uniqlo stores in there also makes me crave for it even more. And the food… THE FOOD!

Free pass (shopping spree) at a Nike or adidas flagship store. I’m sure there’s no such thing. But the idea’s been brewing in my mind for years now: give me a ‘free pass’ and let me ransack the place for one whole day. Even just for an hour, I can do that. It’ll be the best day of my life!

Ca$h. Seriously, who doesn’t want it? Especially of the yellow and blue kind?

I’m sure I’d get nothing out of all these. It’s not that important, as what I was saying earlier. But it was fun doing the lists, I tell ‘ya. It’s never dull or uncool to dream. Much less daydream about stuff you can almost never afford.

But if the ‘free pass’ thing does happen to me… man… MAN! :p



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