For breakfast…

After a nice morning jog, I turned on the telly and discovered that we finally have an ESPN channel. I tuned in, just in time for the Philadelphia PhilliesShane Victorino to hit up a home run against a hapless LA Dodgers. Phillies are still up 9-3 in the 8th.

Jimbo Aquino might have missed the MVP boat via his suspension a few games back, but he made it just in time last week to carry the San Sebastian Stags to the finals against the San Beda Red Lions. Game 1 will be on later in the afternoon. Can’t wait. I’m going for the Stags in this one (I always root for the underdogs, y’know).

To adidas:  Yes, you promised to mail our KOTR race packets to our homes/offices during the week starting Wednesday (yesterday) and I’m going to be really patient on this and wait for them, but please, keep your promise and do mail them. We really want to prepare well and enjoy the race on Sunday. We do not want to experience hassle and dissapointment during the race, pretty much like what we’ve felt during last weekend’s expo. PLEASE, ADIDAS, MAIL IT TO US. Don’t piss us enough to do an anti-adidas video just like what Dallas Penn did.


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