Wynne Arboleda’s beatdown

In case you don’t know what happened yesterday afternoon during Burger King‘s PBA match vs Smart Gilas, BK guard Wynne Arboleda attacked a fan sitting at courtside inside the six minute mark of the second period. The fan was later identified as a certain Alain Katigbak,  a Chris Tiu (of Gilas) fanboy.

The sight of a seasoned vet like Arboleda mauling a young basketball fan like Katigbak is so wrong on all counts, but the kid was a heckler, and sometimes, hecklers (I’ve seen so many during my stint this season as an NCAA writer) does deserve to get beat. Arboleda, nicknamed “The Snatcher” for his scrappy perimeter defense on the court, apologized for his actions. The kid should also do his part, not necessarily by apology, but by doing the following:

1. Understand the game a bit more. You have players (like Tiu) who plays within the sport’s rulebook. Then, there are no-nonesense ballers like Arboleda who is known for their rough and tough approach to the game. For the Gilas squad, they need to play against tough vets because the international game has a lot of these type of players. Yes, they can give you hard fouls, but that’s why there are referees to mediate.

2. Show respect. Heckling is inevitable, especially in a hotly-contested ballgame. But, as a fan of the sport, the last thing you want to do is to shit on people that makes the game that you love enjoyable to watch. You can cuss on them from the sidelines, but don’t cuss their mothers, families, etc. When shit hits the fan, though —  like what happened yesterday afternoon– don’t duck like a pussy.


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