Surveying the Ondoy damage


My dad left earlier this morning to get my grandparents out of their house in Marikina City. Ondoy’s heavy rainfall lashed out yesterday here in Manila and the Marikina-Cainta area suffered the worst effects of the typhoon. My grandparents, together with Uncle Gene and his family had to leave their house to spend the night  across the street to their in-law’s place which, thankfully, has a second floor. Dad took Lolo and Lola to my other uncle’s place here in Paranaque and stay there until everything up north is fixed.

I joined my father in his trip back to Marikina to pick up some other stuff that my grandparents needed, as well as to check their house. On the way, I took pictures of the damage done by Ondoy. Really devastating. Thankfully, the floodwater levels have greatly decreased and roads are finally passable. The destruction, though, is still very much visible…






An hour later, we arrived at Lolo and Lola’s house.  Thankfully, everyone’s safe and all, but the stuff that’s in the house were not aspared by typhoon Ondoy. No refirigerators, no TV, no PC’s, no nothing.


Even Uncle Gene’s brother-in-law’s Ford Focus was not able to save itself from the Ondoy chaos. The car is seen below, covered in mud.




Truth be told, Marikina is a city that is never new to flooding. I remember back in the day, when every household had homemade boats to be ready for floods during the rainy seasons. Much has changed today, as efforts in the improvement of roads and drainage systems has been successful for the past few years until yesterday’s shocking event.

Looking at the damage done, it may take a long while before the city, as well as other victims around the affected areas, could recover from this. We, the fortunate ones, should really pay attention to this and extend a hand to our brothers and sisters which ever way we can.


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