The weekend that was

At the end of last week, it was the Andy Barroca brouhaha that rocked the college hoops world. As a lot of us found out, however, Saturday afternoon gave way to the Paul Lee show. The UE Red Warrior made about four 150 three-point shots in the fourth quarter to force a rubber match against the Barroca-less FEU squad. Of course, Ateneo advanced to the finals the next day, but we already knew that since, like, three weeks ago.

Pretty Boy Floyd Mayweather pounced and danced to a convincing unanimous decision victory over the smaller Juan Manuel Marquez. MoneyMay is definitely back, but is he going to go for the money vs Manny Pacquiao, or is it going to be vs Sugar Shane Mosley? Only time (and amount of cash) will tell.

Speaking of comebacks, Vitor Belfort had his the same day as the Mayweather bout, knocking out Rich Franklin in the opening minutes of the UFC 103 main event. Apparently, he’s the guy the UFC wants against Anderson Silva. Let’s see if The Phenom can have his way against the unbeatable Brazilian.

NY Giants won over the Dallas Cowboys earlier. Wasn’t able to watch this bacause I woke up awfully late today, but I’ll catch up.

And finally, Roc Raida, from the legendary X-ecutioners stable, has passed. Rest in peace. One of the few DJ’s I looked up to when I was younger. Peep his mixes and tutorials in YouTube, they’re awesome.

Long weekends are fun, and I’m about to cap off mine by playing some flag. I’m out!


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