Gettin’ ready for Marquez-Mayweather extravaganza

As many of us know, the sport of boxing thrives on its unpredictability. There may be a knockout here, a technical stoppage there, or a late-round surge that could turn the tides of a bout. In every boxing match, you’re not always sure if you really do get your money’s worth. It could end in the first two minutes, or it could go the distance and last all twelve rounds. You just don’t know.

This bout, however could be the exception. Both fighters are patient attackers, and I think this fight could will definitely go the distance. Juan Manuel Marquez is well-known for his in-ring stability. No one in the planet can knock this guy out. Floyd Mayweather Jr. likes to run, not always because he’s scared, but because he is as fast as lightning. We all know what happened to the likes of Zab Juddah and Ricky Hatton: they lost to Money Mayweather ’cause he tired the hell out of these two fighters. Both are intelligent fighters, and they know that catching just one big punch from another could determine the outcome of the fight. Expect both fighters to use the first few rounds as sort of a “feel out” before hell eventually would break lose in the later rounds.

Needless to say, big money and big sport implications are on the line. By the looks of it, it also determines Manny Pacquiao‘s next opponent, should he beat Miguel Cotto (which I’m sure he will do). MoneyMay-Pac is boxing heaven, definitely, but you can never say that Pac-JMM 3 will be less than controversial. Gonna be a great day for boxing, people!

Here’s the first episode of Mayweather-Marquez 24/7, just to pump everyone up:


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