Updates on this confusing Barroca drama…

Ok, so yesterday we got news regarding FEU Tamaraw Andy Barroca‘s departure from the college team just days before their Final Four showdown with the UE Red Warriors. I stated on my blog post that, according to his manager, Barroca allegedly left the team because the FEU management was accusing the Smart Gilas frontrunner of “dropping” a crucial matchup against Ateneo a couple of days ago.

Well, today, reports say that this matter has not been confirmed nor denied by the management. The FEU management will make an official statement, whether Barroca will play or not against UE, later before the aforementioned game kicks off.

Some “bits and pieces” from this UAAP saga…

– Barroca did not attend the team’s final practice. Some teammates told the media that Andy had a flu and, therefore, was kept somewhere out of the reach of his teammates and staff, so that the “flu” wouldn’t spread.

– Coach Glen Capacio, while being asked for the guard’s whereabouts, responded with a classic “he must’ve gone somewhere and I don’t know where it is” type of answer. Playing safe, but you just know something’s brewing, and it’s not good.

– Reports say that the team voted against Barroca playing later. And that he was kept in the school chapel, accompanied by a priest. Was he being exorcised???

FEU management better clear this thing up. You don’t want to help tarnish what could be a classic on-court battle later in the afternoon. Let the kid play, for Pete’s sakes!


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