Andy Barroca drops out of Tams lineup

Shocking. Definitely one of those “what-the-hell-happened?” type of stuff that suddenly comes out of nowhere. Just a couple of days before their Final Four showdown with rivals UE Red Warriors, the FEU Tamaraws‘ stalwart Andy Barroca has decided to quit the team amidst controversy surrounding him and his alleged involvement in another case of game-fixing scam.

Apparently, Barrocca was dissapointed at how the team management treated the said case. Also, according to his manager, he and FEU coach Glen Capacio had a fallout as a result of this issue. Barroca was reportedly absent during the Tams’ last practice session.

This is, not only shocking, but also kind of sad. I remember Rick Olivares telling us during our Inquirer seminar that this guy — this same guy who is being accused of “dropping” games, prays and reads the Bible before every game, and is one hell of a worker during practices and games. This would be a big loss, not only for FEU’s storied basketball squad, but generally for college hoops as well.

Barroca, however, will continue playing for both the Smart Gilas developmental squad and the Oracle team in the PBL.

Losing their leading scorer, the Tamaraws would have to look for a new guy who will lead the team to the chip this season. Can JR Cawaling and RR Garcia carry the load en route to a championship this year? Can they, minus Barroca, streak past the red-hot Warriors? We’ll see what will unfold in the next few days.

But seriously, WTF happened?


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