When electro met Rick Ro$$

French DJ Busy P hit it right when he said in an interview that electro and hip-hop are getting closer and closer by the minute. It ain’t no secret, there has been a slew of DJ’s who mix dance and hip-hop. As I have said a couple of posts back, one of the first dudes who did this was the late great DJ AM. At that time, it was only AM and Clinton Sparks A-Trak who “bridged the gap”. Now, more than ever, DJ’s are gitting more and more experimental and eclectic with their musical style, which is a beautiful thing, IMO.

The Disco Villains are one of those acts who makes dope electro remixes of hip-hop joints. They’ve done mixes for various rap stars Lil’ Flip, 50 Cent, Wu-Tang Clan, etc. Their new one — or new to me, at least — is a remix of everyone’s favorite boss, Rick Ross, for his popular “Hustlin” joint. “Hustlin” is one of those tracks that I really dig because of stuff that’s rather funny than gangsta:

– Rick used to be a police officer, and knowing this, his bossy rap image that he has now is kinda phony and laughable.

– The intro reminded me of how of Katt Williams used it in his hilarious DVD, which was heavily influenced by this song.

Anyways, this remix is an official jump-off. Disco Villains is dope. Download this thing below.

DOWNLOAD: Rick Ross – Hustlin (The Disco Villains FRESCO Remix)


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  1. Thanks for this. I only have the A-Trak and XXXchange remixes.

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