When you talk about “celebrity DJ’s”, Adam “DJ AM” Goldstein is the gold standard. THE celebrity DJ. From scrappy-ass hipster basements, to T.I.‘s birthday party, to Jay-Z’s live set, he will do his thing no matter how much he’ll make for the night (whether it’s $0 or $20,000). The mash-up? He reinvented the mash-up! He led an army of young DJ’s that we all see on The Fader magazine and hear on Beatport. Steve Aoki, A-Trak, Mark Ronson, Sammy Bannanas and a handful of AM’s colleagues and friends shared their extreme sadness on twitter today. Diplo, on the Mad Decent blog, basically summed up the loss that the DJ and music community had earlier in the day:

“im sure that AM had to go day in and day out and negotiate all the music we appreciate for mass consumption, he had good nights and just ok ones..
but he wasnt a radio DJ or a programmer or part of a label . he was a straight up Djs dj, he picked his tracks to play out and had THE STYLE that defines our whole generation like it or not …and even if you didnt like his style (which ranged form deep top 40 to deepest old school hip hop to deepest hipster indy rock.. he would come to your party and do what u do better than you (he did it to me coupla times) he would put tracks out there before they were acceptable and he was always adapting to whatever was goin on.. not because he had to… but because he loved music. ..he was definitely a peoples champ
and in a world that doesnt really seem to care about you – promotors, fareweather friends, rich assholes, alcholics, trendsters…. AM carved a whole pie out of it and built a giant empire that little of you even know about. He never ever ever didnt have time to talk to one of his dj homies, each and every one of the small wannabes like me still spoke to him still weekly. How many people do u know DJ wedding partys for billionaires, arenas for Jay z, and djs for roctakons shitty basment party in manhattan for free and then 20 k the next night.. each day he was still asking me for new music and tellin me how the wierdest of my tracks were starting to pick up momentum….. but.. i never knew how long it would last.
Djs have a ceiling, and Am lived on the roof. he sometimes would tell me a bit about his reservations in passing about his lifestyle and i feel like its a loveless place we all live in (DJs). but i dont think We will ever see another person built for it like AM.. he was THE Michael Jackson of this shit. so it really worries me a bit that hes gone , cause hes the only that i thought understood it all… he was a sweetheart and tried his damnest to be the best at it and still be the best at being himself”

Besides music, this guy is one of the biggest sneakerheads out. The dude respected independent streetwear labels. Also, he dated Mandy Moore. Nuff said. A lot of people, even those who are now gaining their share of the limelight, look up to this guy. And I am not surprised, especially having witnessed the people’s reaction when the sad news came out.

Rest in peace, AM. I’m sure his (and Aoki’s) remix of AutoErotique‘s “Gladiator” popped out of the shuffle mode on my iPod this morning for a reason.


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