Partyin’ and Mr. Energy

Went out this past weekend with friends for our blockmate’s birthday bash @ some club in the Fort area (all y’all probably know where this is LOL). As usual, we all had fun especially ’cause we don’t really see each other that much anymore.

None of us, though, had more fun than this old white dude that we call “Mr. Energy”. The dude was dancin’ like crazy… like he’s a cast member of “The Office” or somethin’. Real funny and real energetic, this guy. If this dude is a legit X-Pat at a multinational company, all I can say is BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!

I don’t know the Persian guy on the top photo. He’s a friend of a friend I think and most probably a patron of the club. FYI: the Manila club scene is filled with these guys so much that whenever you get in, you’d think you’re in a Persian club. No diss to these guys, though 😀 Arab money!

DJ was pretty decent. House muzik, of course. I’m not into that much Euro-house thing anymore, but it sounded nice and everyone enjoyed it. Songs that I know/remember: 2Pac‘s ‘California Love’, remix of U2‘s  ‘With or Without You’… some customary Daft Punk… and that Deadmau5 track.

Pretty awesome night. Don’t usually go out, but I make it a point to go sometimes just to look at the scene. My dream is to be a DJ, and right now from what I have observed, not a lot of heads are playin’ Electro/Bmore/UK Funky, my kind of stuff, and that actually makes me a little bit more inspired to pursue the career so that I can do my thing and play somethin’ new and somethin’ dope for the people. Of course, once I get my ‘money’ right, If ‘ya know what I’m sayin’.


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