NCAA Season 85: How I got busy


Truth be told, I have never been this busy in my entire life. With schoolwork (in its last leg, hopefully) piling up faster than Usain Bolt‘s Pumas, I found time to secure a gig as a sportswriter-slash-official journalist ‘groupie’ for the CSB Blazers basketball team this season in the NCAA.

My first assignment was at the opening ceremonies held a couple of weeks back. I had with me our photo chief’s DSLR so basically I was a writer/photog for the day (since other photogs were not available).

Here’s how it went down.



I’ve been to Araneta a couple of times back in the day, but I never had the chance to actually experience being on the hardwood floor. On opening day, I did just that. It was amazing being there at the center of ‘The Big Dome’.


Went to the venue a little early so I had the chance to chat and take photos of the LSGH juniors squad…


… as well as the seniors squad.

Knowing me, I was a little mahiyain at first, but then I saw Chuck Dalanon, who was a former classmate. So yun, I approached him and medyo ‘domino effect’ na from there as I was introduced to the rest of the team.



‘Good Luck’ Chuck D, showin’ love (??) to rookies Mark de Guzman and RJ Argamino.


One of those random moments came when I bumped into an old friend, Carlo Cruz, a classmate of mine from my DLSU days. Coincidentally, he was at the venue ’cause he was assigned by Studio 23 as the Blazers’ official courtside reporter this season. Cool gig no? Anyways, it’s really cool working with this dude again. Ever since I transferred to Benilde some 2 years ago, I haven’t seen or talked to some a lot of my friends from ‘Main’.


Sponsored by And1 for the second straight season. While I think the brand fell-off after their successful Tai-Chi model, these new kicks look clean.


CSB Muse Thea Africa (also a member of the Volleyball squad) with, let’s just call him ‘The Flag Bearer Dude’. Haha!




Carlo with the other courtside reporters.

Right after the opening festivities, me and Carlo sat down for the San Beda-Mapua game. We were talking about how enthusiastic we were of the Blazers’ chances this season. Of course, CSB won their first two games. As of now, though, they fell to 2-3, suffereing a three-game losing streak. Now my work here suddenly became a lot busier.

**I’ll be at the game on Friday vs the Perpetual Altas. Let’s see how the Blazers execute their comeback attack. Will post here afterwards. Sana lang ‘di ako makatulog.


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