The 1-3 hole

Team Pilipinas lost once again earlier against Japan. Yes, Japan. Unacceptable, due to the fact that RP was up by 19 in the opening minutes and 12 early in the second half. Team Pilipinas, though, succumbed to Japan’s pressure and excellent shooting from long range, just like in their loss against Chinese Taipei.

These missteps could be telling of this composition put together by Coach Yeng Guiao. Is Cyrus Baguio really fit to play in this National squad? Is Willie Miller still that “thriller” that he is in the PBA? Do guys like Mac Cardona deserve a spot in the team? Is this team really THE team that we will send to Tianjin for the FIBA Qualifiers?

Another problem is the team’s mindset coming in. Coach Yeng has that “this is just a tune-up game” type of thinking, and it was surely passed on to to the rest of the guys. The talent is there, but the energy and will to win isn’t. Tinatago pa yata yung laro.

But, really, until when are they going to put their “real game” under wraps? Aren’t they feeling the embarassment of losing to Taipei and Japan, teams that (no diss to them) we beat every darn Jones Cup? If they aren’t embarassed, we are. No one’s trying to be armchair experts here. Given the talent of these guys, it’s just frustrating how they’re representing our nation in this tournament.

There will be another game later. Against Lebanon. With Fadi El Khatib leading the way for the opposing team, there is no place for our national squad to squander another opportunity to redeem themselves. The Filipino faithful will be watching.


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